Jamie T, The Academy, Wednesday 9th February 2010

15 02 2010

A personal favourite of mine, Mr. T was pretty exciting to shoot. Prancing around with mic in hand, sliding on the beer soaked floor, it was pretty difficult to not get caught up ion the moment.  As he encouraged the crowd to “cover the stage in more beer”, it became very obvious I was in the photopit. Doused in beer, hiding the camera as best I could as I tried to take some shots of him goading the crowd it really shouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it was.

That said it did get a small bit hairy – His boot was millimeters from my face as he kicked out at one stage – and a beer came within inches of ruining my new camera. Hats off to the Academy’s security though – they really kept a good handle on things, stepping in only when it went a bit too mental (crowd-surfing drugies spasming mid-air, etc) and I’m pretty sure without them I’d be paying back a loan for a broken Nikon.

Lighting was superb in the academy tonight. Probably was due to Jamie’s own lighting rigs. They were really impressive pieces of kit. Firest time I’d seen a pink light used there.

All in all a good gig. Was pretty impressed with the shots in the end. Used GIMP to edit them, which I’m beginning to enjoy. It’s no photoshop, but it is a far cheaper alternative.

Review available on State

All shots were taken with my D700, Sigma 24-70 f2.8. ISO 2000, Manual Mode.



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