Wolfmother, Olympia, Jan. 14th 2010

22 02 2010

This was a bit of an odd one.

Wolfmother are pretty obviously interesting to look at (afros, beards, flags of the world all over the place etc., etc) and the lighting in the Olympia is second to none, in m opinion, but it was hard to pick a shot during this gig. Their ramshackle carpets were too low for a shortarse like myself to integrate into the shots and his leaps from the drumkit’s shelf were too tame to make an interesting photo. I feel like I took pretty easy shots.

Wolfmother are all bollocks and no brains. Woman this, Screamy that. There was lots of impressive solos and high notes, but very little visual pomp. I’m not sure if it’s worse that a explosive band playing under a 10 watt bulb, but it is definately frustrating. Yes, the shots are in focus, nice and bright – decent colour themes too, but there’s no spark off them. I’m not a fan of wonky camera angles unnecessarily – you know the sort yerself – everyday scene made *amazing* by the introducion of a slight incline…

I’m not disappointed by the photos – they look alright, but given the lighting in this venue and the sound of this band I was expecting more. Infact, I was nearly sure of it. Having seen them at Oxegen ’04, with their white trenchcoats and synth flinging antics I was practically giddy on my way to the gig.

This was my first gig using both my cameras. The first picture was taken with the trusty old D80 with 85mm f1.8 attached. Taken at f1.8, speed 1/250, ISO 1000 and taken in RAW. This might indicate it was darker than it appeared, but it was the first time using the 85mm at a gig too, so it was just a case of using what works – and leaving myself some wiggle room by using RAW.

The others were the standard – d700, sigma 24-70 f2.8. Settings f2.8, ISO (a whopping) 3,200, speed1/200 and shot in fine jpeg. The lighting was pretty consistent and i’m pretty sure these were the settings for 90% of the shots taken. The ISO was excessive, perhaps, but regardless I’m pretty happy with the shots. Practically no noise too!




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