Brendan Benson, Vicar Street, March 2nd 2010

3 03 2010

The perfect tonic to the Maccabees was this. I must have been the first person in the venue again. It’s beginning to be a problem, this fear of being late. It did give me time to check out Vicar Street though. I hadn’t been here since the Frames’ Burn The Maps tour in 2004. It must be the best lit venue in Dublin after the O2. I lost track counting the lights too many times (had to do something to fill the time). Best of all though was the stage height. Must have only been about three foot off the floor. Perfect for a short arse like myself.

It’s a far different venue than what I’m used to. There was no security about for the first act, so I didn’t risk jumping into the photo-pit for the support act (a tipsy, middle-aged woman in heels warbling). Probably an indication of the type of crowd that was anticipated. You couldn’t move for the hipsters on show here – looked like a ‘who has the thickest framed spectacles’ competition at times.

When Brendan took to the stage though, the already impressive light set up intensified. I could make out the folds in his eyelids through my viewinder. Brilliant. It was a handy night – great lights, steady performer. Only problem was the focusing on my trusty Sigma.

I’ve never had problems before, but tonight – in the best light I’ve had to date, it was leaping about manically. Lots of shots were just a fraction soft, some seemed to be focusing on the backdrop. It was peculiar. It didn’t help that tonight I only had two songs (instead of the usual three) in the ‘pit. It sorted itself out eventually – nailing the focus towards the end of the second song.

Personally, Benson isn’t my cuppa tea. A little too wanderly and just that bit too safe for a folkie-rocker. He has some impressive songs, no question, but the delivery seemed tame and slightly uninterested up close.

All pics: Nikon D700, Sigma 24-70mm. Manual Mode, ISO 2500.




3 responses

5 03 2010

Ha. The fear of being late – I’m the exact same. Constantly freaking out about what time bands are on at and getting my 3 songs in!

10 03 2010

It’s ever since i read that NME photographers blog where he was late for his bus and the next one didn’t come. He was almost fired for it – took his pics from outside the pit and was blacklisted by the venue!!!

10 03 2010

Wow. That’s very extreme, and also very scary. I think I’ll continue to be ridiculously early!

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