Paloma Faith, Vicar Street, 16th March 2010

18 03 2010

Not my cuppa tea, but Paloma Faith won me over tonight. Having seen her at Jools Holland’s ‘Hootenanny’ at the end of last year, I had her down as a one trick pony. One with an infuriating mouth.

She’s obviously not in it for the money – the stage props, numerous band members, own lighting kits and the flamboyant costumes don’t really spell out financial returns when you’re playing to such a small-ish venue (in Ireland, too). But she didn’t seem to mind. “I love coming to Ireland – you all think I’m fun and nice, but back home they think I’m mental!”. Two songs in hit ‘Stone Cold Sober’ was dispatched to cheers and from then in she had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand.

Visually, the stage was dominated by a large mirrored piece, which seemed to be a part of boat – which would fit in with the other surroundings, a sunset backdrop and ‘pier’. The mirror was a bit of a pain in the arse to work around – bouncing lights were  everywhere and it was twice as hard to frame an image without any flare.

That said it all worked out in the end. Got some decent shots (above) that Im happy with, and I genuinely enjoyed a show that truth be told I wasn’t looking forward to. Infact, I only put my name down for this gig because I love Vicar Street. The shots I felt worked most were the close ups – I probably should have used the 85mm in retrospect (the back-focusing issues with the Sigma raised their ugly head again). I had a pretty fast shutter speed (above 1/400 at least) and even still I was getting slight shake – as the third image in fullsize will show.

While I wouldn’t count myself as a fan of hers, I no longer want to punch her mouth in.

Which is, I suppose, all that could have been expected.



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