Fiddy Cent, 21st March, The O2, 2010

23 03 2010

Tonight was my second night down in the O2. Was surprised that we didn’t have to sign anything this time. – Last time I was there, I had to sign my life away. “No images should appear on any website other than those permitted (detailed below)”, etc., etc. I was surprised the Arctic Monkeys were that worried about their appearance. Fiddy wasn’t half as bothered. “Free Shoot” I was told. Brilliant.

Eight photographers in total arrived and we were walked into the pit. One and a half songs later, we were walked out. Most of the photographers were off in a flash – no post gig assessment like the last time, just in and out. Other things to attend to, I was told. I had only taken 300 (my second lowest ever) and most were near identical to the last, albeit slightly different lighting. Overall, it was a decent haul – the top three being my favourites of the night.

But the O2 is a different kettle of fish altogether. The photographers are older and not exactly cool with moving about. They get a spot and stick to it. “He has to come back if he goes over there”. I took a chance and was the only photographer to the right of the stage. They were all mid-left (presumably to have him looking into the right for their publications), so I had a nice bit of elbow room.

Was pretty worried about my gear being left beside the crowd that was there (Wiggers & Slappers), but a nice Security Man took a shine to me and kept an eye on it while I was there.

I’m sure I’ll be back to the O2 eventually, but because you don’t get to see the show after the shoot, it’s a little disappointing as a photographer. If you’re looking for the review you’ll find it over on State.

Fiddy remembers hes left the gas on...




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