Dublin Walk, March 28th (Sunday), 2010

29 03 2010

Having arrived to the Olympia, ready to shoot the uber-shite You Me at Six (I’m purposely not even going to link to them), I was told that the sissy-boys had decided, that evening, that they weren’t in the mood for photographers. Somewhat relieved (I wouldn’t have to spend the evening with semi-clad, partially supervised and pretending to be drunk fifteen year olds), I went for a walk around Temple Bar.

The place was dead, nobody around at all and I instantly thought I could chance my arm and see if I could get Atget-like shots. The shops were all closed and all the tourists were safely tucked into pubs by this hour so I had free roam.

Temple  Bar is Ireland’s trendiest area. To see ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’ signs where there was an unquestionably cool (but expensive) shop before, is saddening. Everyone said it would be the first place hit by any downturn – selling used clothes for twice their original price because they’re now kitsch is not a winning business formula… That said the place used to be the life and soul of Dublin. And now it’s practically barren on a Sunday at Seven O’ Clock. Sure there’s still the occasional young ‘Emo’ kid looking for a smoke off you.

Temple Bar is great; if you’re into bargains, you should head over there now. The shops are struggling as it is and you can now get some great bargains on general crap – One Euro for a badge from the USSR’s first spacelaunch being my best find. The numbers of Hen Parties are down too – no bad thing when you want a quiet stroll.

Of course certain areas of Temple Bar will be hopping regardless (the sqare for example), but it was nice to find it at a quiet minute during the day, even it was only for a little while.



2 responses

31 03 2010
Siobhán Bracken

I adore these.

They’re absolutely stunning.

1 04 2010

Why, thank you!

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