Temple Bar, 6am, 16th April, 2010

16 04 2010

Got up at 5. In town by 5:45. Had the place to myself. Got some cool shots of the empty streets. You can see more of them on my flickr – more will be added when I get ’round to processing the 200-odd .NEF files… Until then, I’ve an essay to do. Photography project is now done, though!



2 responses

16 04 2010

Very sweet pictures. The place is almost unrecognisable and looks so much better in black and white. Maybe human eyes just don’t do colour justice.

16 04 2010

I’m not a big fan of B&W generally, but for this project, I reckon it worked.

Was pretty spooky though in general – there’s so many homeless people hidden in alley-doors, or under seats. And then you’ve all the drunks wandering home after the late-bars, etc.

Plan to do it again – maybe not in Temple Bar, but town is a weird place before 7.

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