Girls Photoshoot, Dublin August 2010

27 08 2010

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After an interview with the guys from ‘Girls‘ for our radio show (Two States), my co-host Danny organised a little photoshoot with the band for me. I was given three minutes, which meant an elaborate light-set up was not possible, so natural light was key. I shot RAW and managed to produce this baby with some tinkering.

The interview will be broadcast Monday 6th September at 10am and repeated on the 9th at 8pm.


9 08 2010

The lads from Hoax were the latest crowd to get the treatment. We met up at the docks and after a few minutes they were totally relaxed and some of the best models I’ve worked with yet. You can check the guys out here and if you like what you hear they’re playing Sunday 15th August in the Mezz


Photographer’s Notes:

The lads chose to meet at 9pm, which was perfect lighting-wise. The sun was setting and the lights at the docklands were coming alive. Worked out perfectly. Two strobes were used, two SB-600s fired using Nikon’s on-baord CLS, both at full power. The lights were situated at 45′ to each side of the band, the left using a shoot through umbrella and the right through my new Ezybox.

The left light was aimed at the member furthest on the right and vice-versa with the left strobe, ensuring a nice even spread of light across the band. There was no back-lighting this time.

The green-shot  (no.3) was performed with a shutter speed of 1/80 whilst moving the camera freely in my hand as I shot. It was enough to lightly blur the scene, with the flashes (firing at the end of the shutter) was strong enough to ensure detail and clarity.

The set, so far is available here:

Machine Gun Baby, No Roller, Soundproof, The Button Factory, 18th July 2010

7 08 2010

Machine Gun Baby (Above)

Having been invited along to this night at the Button Factory, by the lovely Katie Hogan from Isotope Dublin, I thought I’d share the results with you guys now.

The lighting there was as fantastic as always, and despite a lively crowd and lack of a photopit, the night was a success. The first shot in the set is one of my favourites I’ve taken in quite a while. Similarly with number 4, which only really ‘popped’ when it was converted into Black and White. Hopefully you agree!

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, I’ve been busy with other projects, such as my radio show on 2xm, which I hot with ‘Mr.Fantastic’ Danny Carroll.