9 08 2010

The lads from Hoax were the latest crowd to get the Deadl.ie treatment. We met up at the docks and after a few minutes they were totally relaxed and some of the best models I’ve worked with yet. You can check the guys out here and if you like what you hear they’re playing Sunday 15th August in the Mezz


Photographer’s Notes:

The lads chose to meet at 9pm, which was perfect lighting-wise. The sun was setting and the lights at the docklands were coming alive. Worked out perfectly. Two strobes were used, two SB-600s fired using Nikon’s on-baord CLS, both at full power. The lights were situated at 45′ to each side of the band, the left using a shoot through umbrella and the right through my new Ezybox.

The left light was aimed at the member furthest on the right and vice-versa with the left strobe, ensuring a nice even spread of light across the band. There was no back-lighting this time.

The green-shot  (no.3) was performed with a shutter speed of 1/80 whilst moving the camera freely in my hand as I shot. It was enough to lightly blur the scene, with the flashes (firing at the end of the shutter) was strong enough to ensure detail and clarity.

The set, so far is available here:



5 responses

9 08 2010

Love these, Sean. Gorgeous light, especially in no.1

9 08 2010

Thanks Sara!
Think I’m getting the hang of it now! My interpersonal skills were much better this time – I had all me good jokes ready!

9 08 2010

Definitely, man. They’re brillo. Dying to pick your brain about it all!

9 08 2010

I’ll be free week after next (All week – hollydays!) so if ya wanna meet up then for a shoot, that could be awesome. I’m hoping to be able to get a shoot with Cast of Cheers or Funeral Suits soon.

If it works we could go into business together – DeadSquish Enterprises. Oh, yeah! That’d be deadly

9 08 2010

Ha! It doesn’t sound morbid at all!
Will mail you about it all now in a few. =)

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