Fight Like Apes, Tripod, 28/11/2010

30 11 2010

Third bad gig in a row.

For whatever reason – and I even copped it but never adjusted it – I managed to change my shooting mode from Raw (Highest qaulity image capture available) to .Jpeg Basic (Lowest quality). So the pictures were tiny, couldn’t be edited to my normal liking and had no decent tones in them. It was a pity. I really like Fight Like Apes and MayKay (the singer pictured above) is a fantastic visual performer. The pictures don’t do the performance justice. Sara Devine’s do, though, so check them out! There’s even a review link there for the gig.

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to shoot them before the year is out – and not cock it up big time. Next up is Arcade Fire, so I’d best get the finger out.



5 responses

27 12 2010
Sean Smyth

I’m pretty very happy with what I got from the night šŸ˜€
Nice meeting ya btw!

28 12 2010

Lovely pics there Mr.Smyth.

Really liking the bandana ones! Hope to see you down the front sometime soon!

28 12 2010
Sean Smyth

Thanks! A friend of mine actually gave me a pint for the file so he could print it šŸ˜›

Dunno if you got the reply about the Flickr slideshow. If not ( šŸ™‚

29 12 2010

That’s deadly!
Will be using it in my next batch-upload!

29 12 2010
Sean Smyth

Don’t you mean “That’s!” ?

Oh, I’m sorry, that was awful… šŸ˜›

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