In Print!

29 12 2010

With three days to spare, I’ve managed to keep my New Years Resolution for 2010 – get printed in the National Press. After a tip-off from the fantastic Kieran Frost I managed to find one of my pictures in the Irish Examiner (28-December). It’s feckin’ fantastic news. And it was in my new favourite newspaper too!

So don’t mind me, but I’m off to brag some more…

Christmas Cheer!

25 12 2010

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a nomination for Music Photographer of the year? Yes indeedy, I’ve made the long-list for The Digital Socket Awards’ Best Music Photography category. It’s a bgreat honor to be nominated amongst some truly superb photographers and I can’t wait to see the shortlist. (My money is on either James Goulden or Ramsey Cardey, if you’re asking.)

To celebrate this achievement, and as a thanks to the staff of, and everyone else who helped me over the past year, I present the best of my 2010. Happy Christmas all.


(Enjoy) :
























Villagers, 21st December, Vicar Street

22 12 2010

Last night, Conor O’Brien and Villagers played to an eager crowd, who braved the elements to see him off this year. His was in top-notch form. To shoot, was a bit off-putting however – the first song, the beautiful, ‘Twenty-Seven Strangers’ was a solo effort by O’Brien. He hardly played the guitar and whispered the lyrics to a silent crowd – making my loud camera-shutter noise seem like a thunderclap every few moments. I gave up after a couple of seconds, wrote it off to artistry and just enjoyed it.

It was a great evening, enjoyable to the point of purchasing band merchandise! (huzzah!)

Here’s some of the piccies, the rest of the set is available on State.

Villagers, Vicar Street
– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

More Snow…

22 12 2010

Snow in Dublin, eh?

Y’know yerself, 5 inches in Ireland and buses veer wildly out of control on the roads, pedestrians flail in panic on somewhat iced grounds before meeting their eventual, inevitable fate. Thankfully, a brave soldier like myself ventured out there yesterday to Johnstown Park and I managed to claw my way back home. And with some picture too!






Better get going again. …I’m just going outside, and I may be some time…

Arcade Fire & Vampire Weekend, The O2 Dublin, 5/12/2010

7 12 2010

The fine people at Goldenplec were nice enough to sort me out with some passes to Arcade Fire in Dublin this week. Here’s some of the best, with all the rest and some nicer ones too appearing over on GP soon. It was a great gig, crowd were up for it and the support acts were great. Free in to boot!



And some Vampire Weekend: