15 01 2011

Click to see on black

The hunt continues! Richter Collective’s show last night in The Button Factory saw me interview and shoot some fantastic bands and interesting people. Some of Ireland’s best new bands were present and making a hell of a sound and they were more than happy to answer a few questions and stand in-front of my lens! Huzzah!

Logikparty were first up and proved to be the most natural in front of the camera. These guys made life pretty easy on my behalf. I finally think I’ve got my lighting ratios and style down too. I mean lookit that, eh?


Keep your eyes posted over on my FlickrStream for more piccies from the Richter Collective guys as they come/when I get the finger out and edit them.



3 responses

16 01 2011
Sean Smyth

NIce capture!

I’m wondering what setup you have here? What gear are you using?

16 01 2011

Two strobes, sb-600s.
Lightbox and bare.
45 degrees each side, left and right. Light ratio is about 2:1, but not exact.

17 01 2011
Sean Smyth

Yeah, looks lovely. Haven’t used any flashes for anything yet. Sure, it’s early days.

Thanks for getting back!

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