Croupier, Friend? and C!ties, Workman’s Club, Dublin, 10.02.2011

11 02 2011

Last night I attended the best gig I’ve been to in a long time. Croupier, Friend? and C!ties played the workman’s club to a fantastic crowd. It was the first time seeing all of these bands live, but it won’t be the last. Excellent performances all around, with a particularly strong set from Friend?.









You can download two simply brilliant EPs for free from these bands too! Here is Croupier’s, and This C!ties



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11 02 2011

Nice photos. I wasn’t at this gig, because I was an asshole, but I convinced two friends to go instead and abandoned them and they had a great time, so I think to wrongs made a right.

12 02 2011

A Jesus like move there – sacrificing yourself for the happiness of others!
You did miss out though – It was a fantastic night all ’round.

15 02 2011
15 02 2011

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