Grinderman, Vicar Street, 19th July, 2011

20 06 2011

Only one pic on show tonight:


Reason? I had only one song to shoot through, a limited space in the pit and strobing lights. Suffice to say it was practically an entire write off of a night. I even bumped my head on the car door at the end of the day…



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21 06 2011

Hey Sean, nice shots. I don’t know if you sell prints or anything but I would love to get this photo from you. Get in touch when you can (

25 07 2011
Mickey Mouse

My shots of Nick from the front row with a 35mm SLR were AWFUL.
Photographers shouldn’t go to see Nick unless they are shit hot.

He only ever gives one song to shoot and count yourself lucky if he doesn’t make fun of you are leaving the photo pit! 😛
Awesome for fans though, i was holding him up at ATP in London last night and did a pro job of grabbing his crotch.
Mickey Mouse

25 07 2011

Thanks Mickey!

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