Free photoshoots for Unsigned Bands

5 02 2013

As some of you avid readers may know, I offer free photoshoots to unsigned Dublin bands. Not always or to anyone, mind you, but to those bands who catch my eyes and ears. If I take a shine to a band – I want to take their photograph. The Cast of Cheers, No Monster Club, Alarmist, Dott, Nella Dwyer, Friend?, P/I/G/S, Tuner, EatenByBears and more have all benefitted from this project of mine and your band could now too.

So if you’re interested in having your photos taken by the most handsome man in the country on the wrong side of the camera – leave a link to your music in the comments below and if I likes what I hear, I’ll be in contact.


You might ask, what’s in it for me as a photographer? Fair cop, but it’s simple – I don’t make any money off these images unless you’re any good. I will retain copyright information to the images, but you can use them on social networking sites. You can stick them on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (it’s back, y’know) and band website, but if they are being sent into the press you have to let them know that I own copyright. I get paid when they get published in any major publication. That way you get high quality images published and I get paid. Win-win.

Now go out there good fellows and spread the word – the photographer just got deadlier.



15 responses

5 02 2013
The Yips

The Yips would love a free shoot, hope you like our songs… 🙂

14 02 2013
Red Moon Bayonets

Sounds like a great idea, Hope ya like the tunes:)


5 02 2013

Our debut album is in the final stages of completion but our older stuff is at


5 02 2013

Our debut album is in the final stages of completion right now, but our older songs are at


5 02 2013
Gareth Walsh

Yo Sean, I only have some wee demos up but I’m going recording real soon.

Hope you like something you hear!

5 02 2013

Hi Sean,
My names Oisin and I’m in a band called Color//Sound. I think your work is great, if you like our tunes we’d love the opportunity to have you point your camera at us.

We’re on Facebook at:

And twitter @colorsound92


5 02 2013

Stream our debut album here hope you like our music and beards

6 02 2013
Super Hanz

Hey dude, sounds great. You can find our EP ‘Alpha’ at or if you prefer. Hope you enjoy them.
Super Hanz

6 02 2013
6 02 2013
Ellen and Carla

That sounds amazing, we’re two singer-songwriters from meath and would love a free photoshoot! hope you enjoy our originals (more on the way!) 🙂

6 02 2013
Mr Lance Vance

Hi Sean

I’m Vance. I make dreamy shoegaze with an acid twist, lush 80’s inspired electronica and warm dusty breaks. I’m putting together a live show so could use some photos for promotion. You can listen here


6 02 2013
Paul Finnegan

Hey Sean,

We’d love to be involved in a shoot. You can listen to some of our tunes here:


7 02 2013
Changing Gears

Hi Sean
sent a message on boards.
we’re called changing gears –

9 02 2013

Either of these bands would love to be involved

11 03 2013
Kate We would love to be involved, one of us lives in Dublin.

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