Wicklow – Day One

10 06 2011


Ah, the countryside. The perfect place for some landscape shots given, y’know, all the land and scape and stuff. Unfortunately it pissed rain like something out of the bible. Big drops that covered half the dashboard of my car. So, most of the day was spent in the car eating strawberries and listening to Adam & Joe with Siobhan, which was great, but when you’d specifically planned to take pictures that day, it felt a tad disheartening.

I did get to use my extremely cheap new, no-brand ND 8 filters and new circular polariser though. Turns out you do get what you pay for… But they were usuable. Could’ve spent about 90 on the lot and instead paid only 21 quid on the cheapo ones. They did the job, but were not exactly 4-stop filters. And they just totally killed the contrast in every image too.

The above picture was taken on Military Road (or thereabouts, I’m a bit rubbish with directions/locations). It’s a 2.5 second exposure at f32 with two 8nd filters and a 4nd grad nd filter too. It was windy as feck and spitting rain too, so it’s been through photoshop to clean it up. If you click it you can see it larger over on Flickr.

Here’s another one – it’s Lough Tay:

That’s an ELEVEN image composite right there. Click to see it slightly larger. Flickr can’t really handle its awesomeness…

Pity it’s a tad dull. But I shall be returning sometime soon, hopefully at dusk (or if I’m feeling adventurous, dawn – which is like 4:20 or something ridiculous these days)

Fun with : Composites

12 05 2010

Click image to view large

So as exams draw near, I’ve had to pull out of many gigs – most notably Kele’s upcoming performance at the Academy. However, sitting at a computer for 10 hours a day can have it’s benefits.

During a break yesterday, I completed this composite of Finglas West’s Church of Annunciation. It is composed of over 15 different shots from different angles, zoom lengths and apertures. It’s been an idea I’ve wanted to try for a while now having seen David Hockney’s Polaroid Composites of his mother.

David Hockney's Polaroid Composite of his mother

David would take dozens of pictures of his mother and arrange them into once large piece, like so. There are many in the series overall (more of which can be seen by clicking the image and following the link to his portfolio website). The idea seemed to revolve around the notion of movement within images – that images are static, but a collages are a collection of static images, pieced together to give the impression of movement – much like a piece of film.

While my images is one of a static scene, I thought that it still retained an aesthetic quality. There’s something inherently beautiful about images like these – the range of tones, boxed off and often joined up in an unusual manner. It’s the start of a beautiful new relationship, I feel,

The Church of the Annunciation is the biggest church in Dublin I know of. I was baptized there and would attend it with my granny when I stayed with her. It was built in 1958 and was known as the ‘Tin Church’, because of the roof’s appearance. A worker was killed when he fell from a scaffold as he helped to put the finishing touches to the spire and according to folk at the Dublin.ie forum, if you walk around the grounds three times saying the Hail Mary, you’ll see his ghost. Scary stuff, indeed.

If for any reason you would like to know more about the large organ at the church then check out this. Interesting read, eh?… And ask yerself, who else is linking you to such riveting stuff…