Tommy McNulty

8 08 2011

I recently met up to photograph musician Tommy McNulty in Temple Bar. Having found my 50mm (It had run away on me) I took it along and used it for the first time in far too long. I also brought the strobes with me, as I am now wont to do and worked as best I could with some very changeable lighting conditions. I’m happy with the shots, they’re fit for their purpose (for posters – hence al the ‘white space’), but Tommy should be appearing on again soon, albeit in more fun shots.


We also gave levitation a go. It was a bit freaky.




Lower Dens, Vicar Street, 22/11/2010

23 11 2010

While this post should be called ‘Beach House, Vicar Street’, lack of lights during their performance meant that I have feck all pictures of worth for this site. That said, support act Lower Dens were bathed in a lovely abundance of light. I only wish I’d paid more attention to them and taken more pictures. Ah well.


And here’s the Beach House one’s for comparison:

Faithless, The Olympia, 19-5-2010

20 05 2010

click image to see it larger

All images shot at ISO 2,500, f2 shutter speed 800-2000 with 85mm 1.8 (except shot 4-shot with 24-70mm f2.8)

Only got access for two songs tonight – two songs with bright red and neon-blue lights. And strobe lighting. Oh, and dry-ice. Worst nightmare. Thankfully I got some decent shots and most were savable in Photoshop. I got a good haul, so expect a little bit more soon.

It was a weird night; the band were at the back of the stage, except for Maxi Jazz himself, so it meant i’d very little options on who to shoot and when. The 85mm wasn’t long enough for most of the shots, so the above are crops, for the most part. That said they look pretty decent – another testament to the quality of the D700. That camera makes me look better than I really am.

And I chanced my arm at HDR for the first time too:
Lemme know what you think. I tried to keep it within reason (no halos, reasonably believable!)

The Courteneers, Dublin’s Academy, 30th March 2010

7 04 2010

Tee-shirt & jeans rock and roll band play in little lighting. Stand around on stage and look pretty average.

Photographer stunned.

Okay, so they’re nothing special. At all. Kasabian-lite would be putting it nicely. I mean, It’s been done to death – just because you’re from Manchester doesn’t mean you’re innately full of angst and squaring for a fight all the time. We need more than shoulder-dropping and slack-jawed ‘Yah-riiights” to keep us entertained these days. Liam Gallagher has that down-pat. – Fair enough the new single ‘You Overdid it Doll’ is a catchy enough tune, but it was far from enough to keep one photographer entertained.

That said the Manchester lads treated the crowd to a big-screen broadcast of the Manchester United – Bayern Munich Champions League match before the show. They even came out during to mingle with the fans, watch their beloved United and shout in horror as they went behind and Rooney got crocked. Understandably, they were less than happy taking to the stage at 10:10. It was a late start for a band at the Academy. The curfew means the music has to stop at a certain hour, and it resulted in their 18-strong setlist being curtailed toward the end.

When you see so many gigs a year – with some amazing bands in wee little clubs, it makes you wonder how something so bland can near sell out the Academy. It’s all posing above tunes. There’s only so much your dropped shoulders can carry Mr. Fray. For Christ’s sake he was wearing sunglasses indoors. In a dark room. At Night. (Though he did toss them aside angrily later – only for a roadie to gather them and place them in a wee case).

It’s not that they’re bad – it’s just that they offer absolutely nothing original of note. Just when you think it’s peaked, Lad-Rock just got that bit more average-r.