The day I met Jedward…

22 03 2010

Yeah I know. How feckin’ cool am I, eh?!

So thanks to a very beautiful friend of mine, i managed to get access to HMV Dundrum as a photographer. Initially it seemed like a great idea, get to hang out with other photographers, see what they get up to what’s the done things etc., etc.

It was not as cool as that.

Unsurprisingly, I was the first photographer there. It was about an hour before they arrived. The shop was already packed with screaming kids and sleep-deprived looking parents. Some had been queuing over 12 hours for the wristbands which would guarantee their entry, had been to school after and then returned. It was mental.

I got chatting to another photographer, he was an elderly man – said this wasn’t really his thing and had only done it once or twice before. He’d arrive early too to secure a good spot and just stick there. The man had a plan – if only I’d copped.

The rest arrived about 20 minutes before Jedward appeared. They snapped up pictures of kids and took notes in their little pads. All the while Jedward’s single was playing. Must have been played about 20 times before they arrived. And about 100 times more after…

And then they arrived. The first elbow went into my nose. Someone’s knee swept me backwards and then there was a camera being rested on my head. My ‘good spot’ had been taken away in seconds. It was animalistic. The kids screamed and screamed. Roses were thrown and women openly wept. All 5’6″ of me was tucked behind a fuck-off huge group of angry photographers by now. Balls to that. I took up my next position.

From here i could see their fans better. They climbed on the CD shelves, smashing many discs and ruining displays. The security brought in for this had obviously been in situations like this before. It was like a crack-team,  each marking their own zones with one massive bloke cleaning up the ones that broke through. It was impressive as it was scary.

I wasn’t there to make any money – and definitely not there to get mauled so I headed to the stage above the signing table. I got a nice few shots of the back of Jedwards heads(!), but I did get this one too:

…That poor child at the front. I was never gonna get anywhere in there – a newbie like myself would’ve just caused more hassle and more than likely taken a few knocks

Then it seemed to get worse! That looks like a punch(left of the bloke in red), but I was assured it wasn’t:

Didn’t feel like heading down there after this to be honest. Thankfully, this worked in my favour. Mr. Louis/Louie Walsh turned up later on, as the photographers got another chance to snap up close (they were pulled off every now and then to let the children in, like). I was the first to spot him. Got a few rubbish shots from above – but he came up to where I was then. He smiled for staff, held some advertising stuff for some other photographer he seemed to know but when I asked politely “Any chance of a Picture there, Mr. Walsh?”… and he obliged. In as much as he remained present infront of the camera.

Fecker. Ah well. I don’t think it’s a career for me anyway. I don’t have the balls or elbows for it. It was fun, but Christ doing that 6 days a week would kill me.¬†…and all for Jedward. I’ve talked to some of the photographers there since and most saw that as a light days work. Jordan’s recent appearance on the other hand was hell apparently .

(Yes, Jedward’s single went to number 1 here – if for only one week, but not in the U.K. Since then, Sony have dropped them from their label and despite Louis’ claims there would seem to be nothing lined up for them after the X-Factor tour.)