Choice Muisc Awards (Part Two – mostly Adebisi and Cast of Cheers)

8 03 2011

After trawling through the other 7.9gbs of photos, I found some others I quite like. Havn’t got around to them all yet, but there a-coming!

Cast of Cheers:

Maykay, Fight Like Apes:


Adebisi Shank:



Fight Like Apes, 31st March 2009, Old Bar DCU

13 04 2010

Today, formerly-mohawked drummer Adrian Mullen has today left Fight Like Apes:

“Due to creative differences, Adrian Mullan and Fight Like Apes have parted company. MayKay, Pockets and Tom wish Adrian all the best in his future creative endeavours; as they continue to work on new material for their forthcoming second album..”

It was generally unexpected news, and comes as the band are writing and recording their long-awaited second album. I shot their gig in DCU in 2009. Above are the best three from a time when I was pretty clueless.

This was the second gig I’d ever photographed, and technically the first I’d ever shot from the pit. Given that to get into the pit, I merely had to have a DSLR and give the right people  a nod doesn’t seem like much now, but at the time it was awesome. Armed only with a 50mm (1.8) and being less than two feet away from the band meant that there was no chance of group shots or anything other than head-shots, really. But i was chuffed with the results. I didn’t care about the lighting – which was – and still is – surprisingly fantastic in it’s own way.

I’d never heard FLAPES before that night and was only aware of their more radio-friendly track, Lend Me Your Face. But it was a great night. They are one of the most energentic bands i’ve ever witnessed and definitely one of the more interesting. Thankfully the people of thought so too – and it was this gig (along with my Fujiya & Miyagi shoot at the Spiegeltent) that secured me a place on their impressive photography team. Just as well the missus dragged me along – just as well I took the camera.

Anyway, how about one more. One from the days of ‘not-so-subtle-editing’, perhaps?:

Oh yeah! Proof that there was once a time I though no image too blury, too dark or generally to bland that couldn’t be saved with a monochrome conversion and raised saturation combination. Niiice!

The Courteneers, Dublin’s Academy, 30th March 2010

7 04 2010

Tee-shirt & jeans rock and roll band play in little lighting. Stand around on stage and look pretty average.

Photographer stunned.

Okay, so they’re nothing special. At all. Kasabian-lite would be putting it nicely. I mean, It’s been done to death – just because you’re from Manchester doesn’t mean you’re innately full of angst and squaring for a fight all the time. We need more than shoulder-dropping and slack-jawed ‘Yah-riiights” to keep us entertained these days. Liam Gallagher has that down-pat. – Fair enough the new single ‘You Overdid it Doll’ is a catchy enough tune, but it was far from enough to keep one photographer entertained.

That said the Manchester lads treated the crowd to a big-screen broadcast of the Manchester United – Bayern Munich Champions League match before the show. They even came out during to mingle with the fans, watch their beloved United and shout in horror as they went behind and Rooney got crocked. Understandably, they were less than happy taking to the stage at 10:10. It was a late start for a band at the Academy. The curfew means the music has to stop at a certain hour, and it resulted in their 18-strong setlist being curtailed toward the end.

When you see so many gigs a year – with some amazing bands in wee little clubs, it makes you wonder how something so bland can near sell out the Academy. It’s all posing above tunes. There’s only so much your dropped shoulders can carry Mr. Fray. For Christ’s sake he was wearing sunglasses indoors. In a dark room. At Night. (Though he did toss them aside angrily later – only for a roadie to gather them and place them in a wee case).

It’s not that they’re bad – it’s just that they offer absolutely nothing original of note. Just when you think it’s peaked, Lad-Rock just got that bit more average-r.

And So I Watch You From Afar…

26 03 2010

Okay, not my sharpest images, but I don’t really mind this time. It was more about the music this time.

And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA) played in MusicMaker  for’s inaugural ‘State Intervention’. This free gig is the first in what appears to be a big project for State – and if it is anything to go by, they could have a gem in their hands – nobody in Ireland is offering free gigs in Dublin for no other reason than they can. Could go down well in times like these!

The Belfast boys were jaw-dropping. The perfect way to kick off a venture like this. I have never seen them live before, but the 60 or so people who squeezed into the downstairs of the Exchequer Street shop obviously had.  They clapped and cheered in time to the four songs the boys treated us to. And make no mistake about it, ASIWYFA deserve the hype that has surrounded them.

They climbed on pricey amps that they did not own, leaping from here to the stage provided and all the while nailing intricate licks, solos and beats. They’re a tight, tight band – impromptu improvisations are worked into tracks effortlessly, but they never miss a beat. And they seem to enjoy it. Genuinely. It was a blistering set, one that was over too quickly for most people’s likings. Except maybe the oweners’.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from the State Intervention. It was nice to be at a ‘ninja gig’. Dublin doesn’t offer enough things like this.  There’s a fantastic music scene out there right now and a lot of people with more time on their hands than before, no better time to launch it. Here’s looking forward to #2!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend ASIWYFA’s show tonight in ALT, but next time they’re around, I’m there. And I’ll get better pictures, too…