Croupier, Friend? and C!ties, Workman’s Club, Dublin, 10.02.2011

11 02 2011

Last night I attended the best gig I’ve been to in a long time. Croupier, Friend? and C!ties played the workman’s club to a fantastic crowd. It was the first time seeing all of these bands live, but it won’t be the last. Excellent performances all around, with a particularly strong set from Friend?.









You can download two simply brilliant EPs for free from these bands too! Here is Croupier’s, and This C!ties

Fiddy Cent, 21st March, The O2, 2010

23 03 2010

Tonight was my second night down in the O2. Was surprised that we didn’t have to sign anything this time. – Last time I was there, I had to sign my life away. “No images should appear on any website other than those permitted (detailed below)”, etc., etc. I was surprised the Arctic Monkeys were that worried about their appearance. Fiddy wasn’t half as bothered. “Free Shoot” I was told. Brilliant.

Eight photographers in total arrived and we were walked into the pit. One and a half songs later, we were walked out. Most of the photographers were off in a flash – no post gig assessment like the last time, just in and out. Other things to attend to, I was told. I had only taken 300 (my second lowest ever) and most were near identical to the last, albeit slightly different lighting. Overall, it was a decent haul – the top three being my favourites of the night.

But the O2 is a different kettle of fish altogether. The photographers are older and not exactly cool with moving about. They get a spot and stick to it. “He has to come back if he goes over there”. I took a chance and was the only photographer to the right of the stage. They were all mid-left (presumably to have him looking into the right for their publications), so I had a nice bit of elbow room.

Was pretty worried about my gear being left beside the crowd that was there (Wiggers & Slappers), but a nice Security Man took a shine to me and kept an eye on it while I was there.

I’m sure I’ll be back to the O2 eventually, but because you don’t get to see the show after the shoot, it’s a little disappointing as a photographer. If you’re looking for the review you’ll find it over on State.

Fiddy remembers hes left the gas on...